Original brand new lumbar support / Lumbar pad for Herman Miller Aeron A / Small B / Medium and C / Large Perhaps the most common variant of ergonomic backrest / lumbar support that you can find on a Herman Miller Aeron.


It's easy to place and easy to adjust in height to suit you. The Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar Pad forces the body into a healthier posture where you sit for long days.


Depending on what suits you, you can change hold on your lumbar support to give a more suitable ergonomic posture. Choose the lumbar pad according to the size of your Herman Miller Aeron as this differs in width. We recommend that you install the pad slightly above the waist.


Installation is easy: You simply have to push the cushion from above into the locking rail on the back of your Aeron chair.

Lumbar pad for Herman Miller Aeron A/B/C

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