Check the size of your aeron

How to check the size of your Herman Miller Aeron

For new customers who has bought an Herman Miller Aeron a long time ago and now want to buy some spare parts, they are always asking: How can I know what size my Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair is?

The answer is very easy!

1) Follow the instructions according the picture


2) If you feel 1 dot, you got an Aeron A/Small.

If you 2 dots, you got an Aeron B/Medium.

If you got 3 dots, you got a C/Large.

Now you can finally purchase some spare parts or replacements parts to your Herman Miller Aeron so you can use your Aeron Chair for many, many new years.

Here you can all of our spare parts in stock and if you want to buy a new Herman Miller Aeron, Embody or Mirra Office Chair, check out this section! also offers our famous AeronService - This means that we can help to, for an exemple, change your gaslift, replace seatpans, backrests and much more. If there is anything we can do for you, you are more than welcome to contact us here!

Aeron Chair Size thailand aeron.jpg