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AeronAsia.com sells Herman Miller Aeron Classic Refurbished in Europe and Asia. With bases in Stockholm and Berlin, we help companies and individuals creating a better seating environment. We pride ourselves with the ability to being able to deliver single and massive amounts of Herman Miller Aeron to happy customers. Tech companies, corporates and start ups makes a massive saving when buying Herman Miller Aeron Refurbished to their office instead of brand new ones. We help create a chain of circular economy that when some of our customers want to sell or downsize, we do many times have the chance to buy back the chairs from the customer. By buying an Herman Miller Aeron Refurbished, you get a great office chair that will last for many years. Also, thanks to the Herman Miller, if you ever need spare parts or service, the choice and stock will always be there for you and make your chairs great again!

About Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The office chair Herman Miller Aeron is a well-known office chair during the tech era of the 21st century. However, few people know that the Aeron office chair is based on the designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick to create furniture for the elderly. The Herman Miller Aeron office chair was launched in 1994 and quickly became a hit with its $ 1,000 purchase cost. Aeron quickly gained a lot of attention in Silicon Valley, among other places, where the office chair was seen in everything from newspapers to TV series.

Herman Miller hired Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in the late 70’s when the company wanted to start making better furniture for the elderly as the population rapidly aged. The result was Sarah Chair, a chair that had upholstery but with mesh fabric instead of a wooden form. In this way, the seating surface was better shaped depending on who was sitting in it. Sarah Chair did not go home to Herman Miller, there was no store that sold exclusive furniture to the elderly and the designers left the company. But after a while Herman Miller resumed contact with Stumpf and Chadwick to give the chair a new try, after 2 years of work, Aeron was finally ready. Herman Miller, however, worried about Aero’s unusual and strange appearance at the time, it turned out that it was one of Aero’s biggest selling points, that it was different! A brand new Herman Miller Aeron rolls off the belt at the factory every 17 seconds! Herman Miller is a very “green” furniture company. Herman Miller works actively to reduce its emissions and manufacture furniture that is factory-made furniture that can be recycled. Herman Miller Aeron is 94% recyclable, which means that the refurbished / used Herman Miller Aeron is among the greenest desk chairs on the market!

At AeronAsia.com you can easily buy accessories for your refurbished / used Herman Miller Aeron A / small – B / medium – C / Large:

Leather armrest
Lumbar support / Lumbar pad
Wheels for different types of floors

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